04/19/15 The International Hustlers

The International Hustlers is a San Diego based Funk/Jazz Fusion group.
Chris Lougeay – Guitar, Leader, Arranger, Vocals
Ty Kiernan –Percussion
Chris Duvall – Bass
Bryce Giuliani – Drums
Paul – Tenor Sax
Charlie – Alto Sax

The band members introduce themselves and talk about their plans for recording an album and playing the OB Street Fair. We discuss the passing of the old music business model and The Hustlers give their take on the direction the industry is heading and their strategy to adapt and stay ahead.
We discuss the importance of having a supportive local music community and Chris Lougeay talks about how he met and got together with Ty, Charlie, Paul, Chris and Bryce. Bryce tells us about his drummer-friendly clothing company Deemer Nation. The Hustlers talk about their biggest influences and the role they play in informing and directing their musical style and flavor.
The International Hustlers perform live in our studio.


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