059- Mandy Harvey: The Courage to Have an Infinite Number of Dreams

Kala artist, vocalist, and America’s Got Talent contestant Mandy Harvey found her voice after a devastating hearing loss that derailed her plans to become a vocal teacher. Through family encouragement and the realization that at her core, she was a musician who just happens to be deaf, Harvey relearned to play music and to sing by feeling the vibrations of the instrument along with the assistance of a visual tuner. She shares her inspirational story and performs LIVE from Summer NAMM.


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Mary Luehrsen is executive director of the NAMM Foundation, a supporting organization of NAMM that supports music research, philanthropic and public service programs. Among its activities, the Foundation is supporting a research initiative called the “Sounds of Learning” that will build a portfolio of music education research projects that will inform policy deliberations around the re-authorization the elementary and secondary education act (ESEA), the federal education legislation.