067- “90 minutes of Fury” with Black Violin at The 2019 NAMM Show

Black Violin’s Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste stopped by to catch up with Mary Luehrsen before opening The 2019 NAMM Show with their “90 minutes of fury” performance for an audience of thousands. Kev and Wil talk about their musical and professional growth over the past 22 years of friendship and performing together that includes shifting their perspective on the term “crossover.”


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Mary Luehrsen is executive director of the NAMM Foundation, a supporting organization of NAMM that supports music research, philanthropic and public service programs. Among its activities, the Foundation is supporting a research initiative called the “Sounds of Learning” that will build a portfolio of music education research projects that will inform policy deliberations around the re-authorization the elementary and secondary education act (ESEA), the federal education legislation.