Jesse talks about his experience working with artists like BB King, (who even at 70 years of age was a regal presence), Diana Krall, Brazilian jazz singer Flora Purim, Ray Charles and Tommy Emmanuel. Jesse tells of working on a project with Tommy Emmanuel recording several takes of a guitar part that were all completely different and all brilliant. 


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Welcome to The Changing Stage. This podcast is all about the music industry — where it's been, where it's headed, the artists who drive it and the leaders who spearhead it in a new direction. From legendary artists and performers to CEO's of gear companies and record label executives, this show brings you inside the minds and conversations of true industry professionals.

Host Florentino Buenaventura is the CEO of EnterTalk and is a Music Producer, Musician/Bassist and Technologist His desire to lift the “Red Velvet Rope” on the inner workings of the music industry is driving force behind The Changing Stage.