Play the Drums is a 68-page book that comes with audio and videos. The book is designed for beginners, and is laid out in an easy-to-read, user-friendly way. It presents a new approach to learning the drumset for beginners, containing grooves, fills, reading concepts and core rhythms in simple and clearly organized format. The book contains four units covering quarter-note, eighth-note, sixteenth-note, and triplet grooves, fills and reading exercises. Each unit is broken into the following sections:

Play: Basic , core drum set beats
Coordination: Beats to help you to learn to coordinate your limbs to play the drum set.
Reading: Exercises to help you learn to read basic drum music.
Theory: Explanations the various note and rest values and other concepts needed to understand music.
Fun: Put it all together and play some fun beats and fills!
Extra Practice: Slightly more advanced exercises to challenge you.
This package also includes:

62 videos of the author demonstrating various examples from the book.
30 original audio play along tracks to get you playing music right away!

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