Ayla Tesler-Mabe Interview | Nebula Music Podcast

AYLA TESLER-MABE is a 17 year old multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Vancouver, Canada.

From the very beginning of our conversation, it was very clear how humble yet confident she felt about her career. She’s accomplished so much in so little time that it’s truly inspiring to see someone so young be so self aware. I’ve always believed that self awareness is one of the keys to success and it was an honor to witness it first hand.

I’m excited to share this conversation because it inspired me to continue believing in what makes me unique and I hope it inspires you in the same way.

In today’s episode, AYLA gets into:

  • How she got started in music
  • What did she study to get so good
  • Important lessons she learned along the way that helped her believe in what she was doing
  • Her bands Calpurnia and Ludic
  • What’s next for the young artist

Connect with Ayla:

Instagram  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Website  | Calpurnia | Ludic |


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