In this video, Bruce Becker articulates a very clear narrative on some major building blocks in developing drum technique.

I’ve gotten some excellent new ideas and insights working with Bruce Becker’s DVD ‘Concepts & Philosophies’. Bruce has managed to distill many of Fred Gruber’s essential teachings into manageable portions. Combining Freddie’s ideas with his own teaching discoveries and methods, Bruce has created a program that is vital viewing for all serious students of the drumset. Highly recommended!
– Steve Smith (Journey)

Bruce is a gifted teacher and has the ability to explain his concepts perfectly as well as demonstrate them. He’s a terrific player too which is a bonus…he walks the talk
– David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)

Topics include:
• French Grip
• German Grip
• Traditional Grip
• Bass Drum Technique
• Left Foot – Hi Hat
• Bass Drum – Heel Down
• Bass Drum – Heel Up
• Constant Release Technique
• More Constant Release Technique
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