Episode 131: Giving Customers What They Want

At its core, marketing is pretty simple.  Learn what customers want, deliver it better than anyone else and build a strong relationship.  Easy, right?  But the marketing we see on a daily basis isn’t this at all – it’s dumb ads, robocalls, telemarketing, awful salesy emails and pitches on social media.  Why the disconnect and what can be done about it?  We’ll hit this topic today along with a freshly baked batch of who’s winning and losing on the next Oscar-nominated episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Media.


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Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from leading companies, agencies and even some celebrities.
Marketing is an ever-changing topic and you’ll want to be sure to tune in so you know the very latest and best ways to reach your audiences and avoid the many mistakes we see on a weekly basis.