Episode 37: Sharpen The Fiddle with Melissa Barrison

This episode features violinist (and all around rockstar) Melissa Barrison! Melissa uses a variety of effects when she plays so we’re going to try some out today with her AXE!
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About Melissa: Melissa Barrison is an all-genre violinist steeped in classical training but fluent in fiddle/bluegrass, jazz, rock, gypsy, blues, reggae and more. Melissa has played for artists such as Rihanna, Future of Forestry, Louis XIV, and opened for Cee Lo Green, Pepper, POD and The Killers. She has made television appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Marie Osmond Show and has also performed in the NHL Pre-Game Show and NBA All-Star Game Half-time Show.

Watch the video version here:


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