Episode 40: Drummer/Composer Michael Radovsky

As a drummer and hand percussionist Michael Radovsk’s recording credits include Black Hawk, Phil Keaggy, Beth Nielson Chapman, Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Lloyd, Bedlam, Reservoir Dogs (soundtrack), Rango (soundtrack), Billy Falcon, Patricia Conroy, Ronna Reeves, Victoria Shaw, Andy Pratt, Jimmy Abegg, Kiya Heartwood, Suitcase Pimps, and the Grave Blankets.
As a composer of music for TV film and commercials, Michael Radovsky have created music for companies such as Firstcom, Sonoton, APM, Nonstop, Warner Chappell, Megatrax, Groove Addicts, Groove Worx, One Music, Riptide, NHK, Jingle Punks, and Mibe Music. He’s had placements in the films Rango (starring Johnny Depp) and Kicking And Screaming (featuring Will Ferrell And Robert Duvall). His Television placements include AMC’s Breaking Bad, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, as well as numerous uses on Fox,ABC, ABC Family, CBS, Food Network, Lifetime, USA Network, NPT, HGTV, MLB, HBO, A&E, and “reality” television shows too many to mention.
Michael’s music for commercials include Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, O’Charley’s, NASCAR, Johnsonville, Health South, Tri-Star Medical, and TN Farm Bureau.


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Host Aaron “The A-Train” Smith is a Nashville-based drummer and percussionist. At the age of 20, Aaron Smith played drums on The Temptations‘ Grammy-Winning megahit “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone“. Aaron has recorded, performed and toured with artists including Ray Charles, Romeo Void, The 77s, Rich Mullins and Jimmy Abegg. An autographed pair of Smith’s drumsticks can be found in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, next to a pair of sticks used by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.