Episode 59: Jan Eric Volz – Bassist for the 77’s | Intersect

Jan Volz is a bassist and a founding member of the Contemporary Christian rock group, the 77’s. Jan was also Executive Producer at Exit Records in Sacramento, California. After more than a decade with the ’Sevens”, he left the group in 1992 and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a different course in the music business. Once in n Nashville, he started his career in Artist Management and Tour Management and Accounting, a career that he still flourishes in today.

Jan has been Tour Manager for Grammy winning artist Charlie Peacock. renowned illusionist David Copperfield, Rich Mullins, Dolly Parton, Kieth Urban, Alison Krauss, and many more. He was also Tour Accountant for AEG Presents touring with Kid Rock, Brad Paisley, Bill Gaither, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, the Veggie Tales live stage show and numerous other AEG artist.

In 2012, Jan became Tour Manager for Rascal Flatts, the most rewarded country artist in history, with 22 million records sold and 18 number one hits, and is preparing to embark on his eighth touring season with them starting May 16, 2019.


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Intersect showcases interviews with musicians who were once/or still are prominent Christian music artist, discussing how their encounter with Christ not only influenced the direction and intent of their music, but also the direction and intent of their individual lives.

Host Aaron “The A-Train” Smith is a Nashville-based drummer and percussionist. At the age of 20, Aaron Smith played drums on The Temptations‘ Grammy-Winning megahit “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone“. Aaron has recorded, performed and toured with artists including Ray Charles, Romeo Void, The 77s, Rich Mullins and Jimmy Abegg. An autographed pair of Smith’s drumsticks can be found in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, next to a pair of sticks used by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.