Episode 62: Kevin Max – Grammy Winning Singer

Perhaps to best understand the musical and lyrical vision of four-time Grammy winning singer Kevin Max, it is necessary to turn to the musings of Nick Cave, another great minstrel of the rock and roll scene: “In the end, I am not interested in that which I fully understand, songs I have written over the years are just a veneer. There are truths that lie beneath the surface of the words—truths that rise up without warning like the humps of a sea monster and then disappear. What writing is to me is finding a way to tempt the monster to the surface. To create a space where the creature can break through what is real and what is known to us. This shimmering space where imagination and reality intersect, this is where all love and tears and joy exist. This is where we live.” Kevin Max too lives in such an intersection of truth and mystery, creating spaces that ponder the wilderness that is the human condition. In his own words: “I challenge and test the spirits when I write, because we all have to go on that journey of understanding what we believe in over and over again.” For Kevin, like Nick Cave before him, the process of writing a song becomes a fusion of questions and observations, both from his own life and from those to whom he has born witness in his journey as a singer, a poet, an actor, a novelist. He remains a storyteller whose fountain of artistry never seems to run dry and always challenges his audience to search for meaning in their own journeys.


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Intersect showcases interviews with musicians who were once/or still are prominent Christian music artist, discussing how their encounter with Christ not only influenced the direction and intent of their music, but also the direction and intent of their individual lives.

Host Aaron “The A-Train” Smith is a Nashville-based drummer and percussionist. At the age of 20, Aaron Smith played drums on The Temptations‘ Grammy-Winning megahit “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone“. Aaron has recorded, performed and toured with artists including Ray Charles, Romeo Void, The 77s, Rich Mullins and Jimmy Abegg. An autographed pair of Smith’s drumsticks can be found in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, next to a pair of sticks used by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.