“Infinity War” Gets Rekt

The 10 year culmination of Marvel movies has all come to this, and it’s time for Shark to bust out the long-promised Southern Comfort. It’s time for the SoCo Loco Infinity War episode!
Most everyone was impressed with the way the movie managed to keep the myriad charactes and story arcs fairly organized, wihtout it being an overwhelming mess. The time taken to flesh out the main villain, Thanos is also commendable. Overall a very entertaining and competent movie, the main problem though (according to Erik) is the lack of stakes. Although [SPOILER ALERT] many key characters die at the end, it is clear that they are not really dead, considering there is an infinity stone which can reverse time, not to mention the fact that many of these characters’ franchises are just starting out, having grossed millions and have more of their own movies already green-lit. So many of the sacrifices and heroic deaths ring a bit false. Overall though, whatever you love about the MCU, you will find it here, and Infinity War is probably one of the most impressive Marvel films to date.


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