“How do you come up with such creative parts?”
“How do you seem to bend and modulate the time in your grooves and fills?”
“How did you get so comfortable switching and changing rhythmic rates in your playing?”
“What did you practice to become such a great improviser?”
“How do I find my own voice and style?”

In this package, Mark Guiliana presents a complete system to answer these questions. The book follows a system entitled D.R.O.P.: Dynamics, Rate, Orchestration and Phrasing. Mark pulls apart and addresses each of these building blocks individually, presenting rhythmic concepts that will expand your ability to call on different rhythmic rates and subdivisions on command, move them around the kit freely, and ultimately be able to phrase them in exciting and sometimes complex ways that sound like “polyrhythms” and “metric modulations” but are actually constructed upon a solid foundation of drumming basics. This material will give you the confidence to make a personal statement on the drumset.

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