“Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” Gets Rekt

After a long hiatus, we actually managed to get everyone in the same room, at the same time, having watched the same movie…though this doesn’t mean we are all on the same page. Shark, according to all his texts and seeing the movie twice, really liked it…but you would never be able to tell from hearing him speak on this episode. Erik, not a big fan of Quentin, mostly had a problem with the exorbitant length of the movie but was immensely impressed with Leo DiCaprio’s acting. Paul simply hated everything about it – the meandering plot to nowhere, the fetishiszed violence against women, and the only discernable message of the movie being “if you want to get into the inner circle of Hollywood with pedophiles like Roman Polanski, you better be good with a flame thrower.”

Amy enjoyed the movie the most out of everyone, in large part due to Brad Pitt’s relentless bad-assery and six-packery…and who can blame her, really?

The one thing everyone agreed on is that Quentin’s portrayal of Bruce Lee was whacked out, wildly inaccurate and disrespectful. Quentin taking a pop-culture icon, universally beloved by everyone in the world, and disingenuously painting him as an arrogant ass, is a perfect example of a director lacking one of the most important tools in his tool set – someone that can tell him “No”. Scary to think, that person probably used to be Harvey Weinstein!


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