Advanced Funk Studies, by Rick Latham, is a classic, best-selling drum method book. While focused on the concepts of funk and fusion music, the patterns of this book have wide ranging applications to virtually ALL genre of modern music!

The purpose of this book is to give the advanced drummer some insight into the techniques In­volved in playing today’s Funk and Fusion Music. The patterns in this text are to provide the player with a working knowledge of style and feel to develop his own ideas. The Information within is merely a means to an end.

I have used a “stems up” notation which I think will be helpful in interpreting the patterns, since traditional notation sometimes tends to be confusing. The cassette tape that accompanies this book will serve as an invaluable aid in the realization of the patterns set forth.
Many of the patterns are styled after some of today’s leading funk drummers such as Steve Gadd, Harvey Mason, and David Garibaldi. Others are direct transcriptions from recordings as in­dicated.

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