Artesia Presents: This Is Dedicated

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In collaboration with EnterTalk Media, Artesia presents, “This Is Dedicated”.
In this series, we sit down with musicians whose names are usually accompanied by descriptors like “monster”, “sick”, and “beastly”. Host Mike Bedard, drummer and Musical Director with Jordin Sparks, talks with top players and delves into the DEDICATION it takes to achieve this level of proficiency.

Ep. 1: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater | “This Is Dedicated” presented by Artesia

Duration: 78

We recently sat down with the talented Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater to discuss his role on tour, his app GeoShred that he developed and other aspects of music technology, a story of him touring with iconic jazz drummer Tony Williams, as well as how his Xkey MIDI controller was such a benefit to him while touring around the world. Jordan has been a part of the Xkey family for several years now, taking it on his many travels to […]