Sharpen the Axe Episode 4: “The Devil’s Tonage” – Electro-Faustus Effects With Founder Eric Kessel

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Powered by EnterTalk Radio: Electro-Faustus Noise Devices Guitar Disruptor Overdrive/Octave/Oscillation Pedal: Electro-Faustus Blackfly Spring Activated Instrument Pedal: Electro-Faustus Noise Devices Guitardämmerung Guitar Effects Pedal: In this episode, we explore the fuzzes and crazy noise and modualtion effects from Electro-Faustus. If Jimi Hendrix were to do a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to capture today’s sense of cultural and political upheaval, these would very likely be his pedals of choice. We take a look at the Electro-Faustus Guitar Disruptor, the Guitardammerung, and the Black Fly pedals. We also talk to founder Eric Kessel about the inspirations behind these pedals (Hendrix being one) and the growing role of noise devices in both EDM and in guitar-based music, where the players are looking for more than just traditional tone choices.

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