A Bridge To The Music Industry

What does it take to be a music industry professional? How do you get there? How do you break into the music industry? How do you secure your place in it and build a successful and lasting career?

EnterTalk was founded with the purpose of finding the answers to these questions and sharing them with the world. Since our inception, we have diligently cultivated a network of legendary musicians, master engineers and producers, as well as founders and CEO’s of music instrument companies – all of whom are eager to share their expertise and insights into finding success in the world of music and entertainment.

It’s all about bridging the gaps – between old and new, young and old, digital and analog, art and commerce, business and passion.

Our Content

We offer thousands of hours of both original and curated content in the form of podcasts, video series, interviews, tutorials, clinics and gear reviews – organized into topics of interest, all with the goal of mapping out a path to a successful career in the music industry.  

Here you will find insights into becoming a better musician, a more inspired songwriter, a business-savvy entrepreneur, a social media expert, someone who understands where the industry has been and where it is going.


Our Community

We are building a community of passionate people who are serious about the music business and we have invited some of the most accomplished and influential luminaries in the business to participate. This is your chance to interact directly with the shredders, hit-makers and tech gurus who define the industry. Check out our Forum for important discussions on the most critical issues facing musicians today and tune into our upcoming “Ask Me Anything” sessions (AMA’s) with the experts.

Be sure to tune into our interactive Live Streams for Clinics, Performances and Master Classes. Here you will be able to not only watch, but participate by asking questions and commenting in real time.


Tone snobs, EQ tweakers, tinkerers and gear geeks – we have not forgotten about you! In fact, before growing fully into our vision, we started out as a single podcast, delving into the world of music gear, the companies that make it and the artists who bring it to life. That is why a large portion of our content is dedicated to exploring the latest and greatest in music instrument technology and why we have partnered with NAMM and a number of music instrument manufacturers. We love up-starts and underdogs. If you do as well, head over to our Shop page and check out all the misfit toys that inspire us.

We regularly run Contests and Giveaways featuring the coolest music gear! Sign up for our Mailing List to get notified of the latest giveaways.

Professional Services

Just as musicians are struggling with making money in the new digital environment, so are manufacturers struggling to get their message out in an era where gear magazines are all but extinct and attention spans are growing shorter every day. This, again, is where we bridge the gap, by connecting companies with emerging and established artists and creating engaging content that amplifies the brand presence of both. Building on the successes of our own media network, we work directly with companies, venues and artists to offer the following services:

Content Marketing

Helping to design and implement a Brand Strategy utilizing engaging Media Content that doesn’t feel salesy. 

Video Production

Helping to build an audience with creative video content. Post Produced or Live Stream Broadcast TV style productions.

Advertising & PR

Advertising on our network to a music professional focused audience. Implementing PR campaigns the right way to build brand loyalty and awareness.


Pro quality podcast production and distribution, specializing in remote call-in solutions. 

Web Development

Turnkey web design featuring modern styles, responsive UI’s, rich media content and eCommerce implementation. 


Creative eCommerce and Shopping Cart solutions for Artist Merchandise and Music Instrument Manufacturer Sales.