Episode 56: Erick Cole – Grammy Winning Artist

Episode 56: Erick Cole – Grammy Winning Artist
Erick Cole is a professional musician, songwriter, and artist originally from Nashville. Upon graduation from Belmont University, in typical tight-knit Nashville fashion, the debut CD of Erick’s band other ended up in the ears of Christian music powerhouse dc Talk. One thing lead to another, and Erick began co-writing and recording with vocalist Kevin Max. Soon after, he toured the U.S. on dc Talk’s Solo Tour. That partnership lead to a Grammy win with their song “Be” which was on the Rock Gospel Album of the Year, ‘Solo EP’ by dc talk.
Erick spent the next years touring the world with Kevin Max, as well as writing and playing on six of his solo projects. Through that relationship, he also had the opportunity to work with the renowned guitarist Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Paul Simon), co- writing and earning the title “multi-instrumentalist’ by playing the unusual instruments balalaika and theremin on Belew’s Side Two record. He toured for three and half years with artist and producer Richard Swift (also of The Shins/Black Keys/Arcs), worked on a film score at Skywalker Ranch (for the independent film Dear Mr. Cash, nominated for best score at the Nashville Film Festival), continued to play shows with Kevin Max, and toured with Brenton Brown, all while having an artistic collaboration with musician Travis Taylor in a small studio near Santa Monica, CA.
Besides recording sessions for other artists, Erick also co-produced five ep’s for artist and professional skateboarder Josh Harmony, and he enjoyed a role for a few years as Music Director of Calvary Church in Pacific Palisades, California. He adds, “I enjoy everything I do, whether it’s touring, songwriting, recording. I like them all. Music can be a business like anything else, but the ability to diversify keeps it fresh.”
After recently relocating back to Nashville, he has been busy songwriting, recording in his home studio, and touring; including just finishing a national tour with artist Matthew Perryman Jones.He’s quick to add that, for him, “There’s a simple joy that’s derived equally from playing guitars at home, in the studio, or in front of an audience.”


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