03/06/15 Brendan McCreary of Young Beautiful in a Hurry

Brendan McCreary performs live in our studio:

“I Got Love” – Off Self Titled First Album “Young Beautiful in a Hurry”
“I’m Amazed” – Newly written
“Flirting With Disaster” – From the TV Show Defiance

Brendan talks about getting into music at a young age, about his L.A.-based band Young Beautiful in a Hurry, and the experience of working with a horn section arranged by the renowned composer and pianist John Beasley. Brendan tells us about his work as the resident songwriter for the TV show Defiance, following in the footsteps of his brother, Bear McCreary, the composer behind TV scores for shows like Shield, The Walking Dead, DaVinci’s Demons, Black Sails, Outlander and Battlestar Galactica. Brendan talks about the difference between writing for yourself and writing for a TV project and the paradoxical way that deadlines and stylistic constraints actually open him up creatively and allow him to be more focused and efficient.

Brendan expands on the theme of writing within a set of limitations and the way that not having such limitations, while giving more freedom, also forces the artist to come up with everything from scratch, agonize over details and labor under the weight of making the piece a perfect representation of that artists vision, all things that become limitations in themselves. As an example, Brendan describes how writing a song to a specific TV show scene allows him to tap into the emotion on screen, which gives his creative process a jumping off point and a well-defined direction.

Brendan McCreary performs:

The Worst Is Yet To Come – from YBIAH Album “Royalty”
Keep On Moving
A Song To Give You



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