Craig Garber – Host of the hit Podcast “Everyone Loves Guitar”

Craig Garber is the creator and host of the Podcast “Everyone Loves Guitar”. The first broadcast of this show was on August 31, 2017. Over 600 shows later, it has grown to be not only the largest and most popular podcast in the guitar niche, but it’s actually in the top 15% of all podcasts. His show features musicians covering genres from bluegrass to metal, and from more than 25 different countries.

Garber has a background in marketing, sales and communication, which has allowed him to experience a variety of job paths throughout his career. He has worked as a CPA, Financial Planner, in sales for wholesaling single family homes, flipping mobile homes & raw land, and creating and managing turn-key marketing programs for loan officers.

Perhaps more importantly, he also ran a Marketing Consulting & Copywriting practice, working in 110 different industries with over 300 clients.

Everyone Loves Guitar is my favorite music Podcast, or more accurately my 2nd most favorite after this show. If you enjoy listening to the backstory of successful people, you’ll love this show and you’ll love my guest today.


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