Dylan Matthew

There is no better way to say it – Dylan Matthew is an incredibly talented artist. It’s abundantly clear that his approach to music comes from a place of true vision and passion.

The son of a prominent touring musician, Dylan’s interest in music began from a very early age. He quickly found himself falling in love with songwriting and proved to be incredibly versatile in any genre he found himself in.

“I’ve gone through many genres in my career thus far. I’ll dive into something and then want to try something else. And that’s all part of finding your sound and being versitile.

Dylan Matthew (Courtesy of the Artist)


Over the past couple of years, Dylan has released a wide arrange of music and multiple collaborations with artists like Slander, Excision, Seven Lions, and many more.

When I spoke with Dylan back in April, I was immediately impressed with his confidence and ability to stand by his work. However, when it comes to good songwriting, there’s more to it that just confidence.

A good songwriter needs to have an incredible instinct for catchy melodies, lyrics, and other elements that when combined, allows for a connection to happen between human beings and music. Dylan has that instinct. It’s that balance between his confidence and instinct that has allowed him to create so much amazing music. Dylan has written some of the top electronic songs of the year, many of them charting on Billboard’s Dance Top 50.

I hope this conversation inspires you to create music and to stand by your work. Dylan’s career is proof of what happens when you trust your creativity and instinct.

Dylan’s new single DON’T FORGET is due for release on May 15th, 2020.


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