Episode 26: Iconic Custom Guitars with Founder Kevin Proctor

On this episode of Sharpen The Axe, hosts Eric Lucero and Paul Berezetsky are joined in the studio by special guest Kevin Proctor: owner, chief builder, head of marketing and design, and all around shop lackey for Iconic Custom Guitars!

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Today’s featured guitars and basses are:
P5 5-String Bass 
Olympic White
Nordstrand Audio Pickups
Standard Evolution – Evolution Series
Cobalt Pearl, paint made from a water-based poly
Evolution S Limited
Aztec Gold
Lollar Pickups
Evolution S Limited
Vintage Series 67 T
Lollar Pickups
Sonic Blue Nitro with Vintage Relic Finish
Olympic White Nitro
5a Birdseye Roasted Maple Neck
Find out more at:
EnterTalk Radio // www.entertalkradio.com
Pitbull Audio // www.pitbullaudio.com
Iconic Guitars // www.iconicguitars.com


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Wood. Metal. Circuitry. Speakers. The base components of the equipment that translates the melodies in your head and hands to the audience. From checking out the latest innovative designs to finding out the backstory behind legends and classics, join hosts Paul Berezetzky and Eric Lucero as they explore the ever-growing world of guitar and bass gear. They will review gear on-air and interview artists about the sounds that inspired them in the first place and how they created their signature tones, as well as the makers and leaders of the new brands changing the sonic landscape. In the community spirit they are here to share their knowledge with listeners and help you find the tone you’re looking for!