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Artist Spotlight – July pt 1

I’ve been exposed to so many great artists that I decided to share their music. Now’s the perfect time to discover new music and support...


Mondo Cozmo Interview

Mondo Cozmo (Josh Ostrander) joins me for an in-depth conversation about how his efficient way of songwriting has defined his successful career. A...


Benny Mayne

Plain and simple, Benny Mayne is the rising artist you never realized you were missing. Growing up in Toronto, CA with a love + appreciation for all...


John Mark McMillan Interview

John Mark McMillan is an incredibly talented songwriter who’s extensive credits and resume would leave you dumbfounded. An artist and Platinum...


The Blue Stones Interview

Excited to share my latest interview with Tarek Jafar of The Blue Stones. We were able to have a special conversation about learning music and how...