Claus Hessler discusses his book Open Handed Drumming Vol. 1 & 2 – These groundbreaking books offers a step-by-step approach for drummers of all styles to learn and apply the concept of open-handed playing on the modern drumset. Based on concepts developed by teaching great Jim Chapin and fusion legend Billy Cobham, Open-Handed Playing not only outlines all the benefits of avoiding the crossing of hands when playing the drumset, but provides an incredibly detailed, complete, and approachable method for learning this technique.
Applied by world-class drummers such as Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Will Kennedy, Carter Beauford, Mike Bordin, and authors Claus Hessler and Dom Famularo, the open-handed approach is one of the most exciting concepts in drumming, and is catching on with students and professionals alike worldwide. Now, for the first time, this special concept is explained and taught in detail.
The accompanying CD contains four fusion-style play along tracks (mixed with drums, without drums with click, and without drums without click) for you to apply the concepts contained in the book.
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