Johnny 3 Tears of the Hollywood Undead

From the very first moment we started talking Johnny and I bonded over our similar upbringing in Los Angeles, CA. It may come as a surprise that the majority of musicians residing in LA did not grow up in there. In fact, its quite rare for two professional musicians who grew up in the city to meet.

Johnny and I bonded over our love for the city’s character, culture and “welcoming” vibe. However we couldn’t ignore the fact that it’s evolving. Is this is a good thing? As two individuals who grew up here; can our observations and opinions help shape the way it’s changing? SHOULD our opinions help change it? Is CHANGE a good thing?

This conversation was very special to me. If you were a little curious on how it’s like to grow up in a city that’s larger than life and how it’s evolution is affecting the culture, this is the interview for you.

Hollywood Undead will release their new album NEW EMPIRE, Vol. 1 on February 14, 2020.


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